New in Newspaper: Social Network Buttons

The Update is Live since the 4th of January 2018.

Dear friends, since Christmas is coming, we have a surprise for you! We are excited to take you behind the closed doors and reveal a cool improvement we are currently working on for the Newspaper Theme. A brand new way to enhance the looks and feel of your social network sharing icons will be available soon. We’re now working on adding 16 of your favorite social channels such as:

Facebook WhatsApp Telegram StumbleUpon
Twitter LinkedIn tumblr VKontakte
Google+ Reddit Print Digg
Pinterest Mail Line Viber

Sneak peek to the future

Newspaper Theme will also bring you the drag and drop functionality so you can adjust the icon order with ease. All you have to do is check the box for the social network you want to display and the theme will do the rest.

social network icons


We’re also working on giving you a greater flexibility in the way you display your social icons. It’s important for us to know that you have the power to change these elements to match your overall website styling approach without touching a single line of code.

social network styles


Let’s take a look at the button’s design! Simple, colored, big, small, round, square? Newspaper has them all! Just click on any form you like, and save your settings.


social network icons

Moreover, you have the option to enable the “Share” text, by displaying it on both positions (top or bottom). Convince your visitors to share your beautiful articles!

social network buttons

The improvement will become available to use in the Newspaper Theme Panel > Post Settings, and under the “Post sharing” tab.

Now it’s your turn to help cultivate a culture of sharing. With Newspaper, we are changing the way your post share function behaves, and your feedback is priceless. Share your experience in the comments and help us improve this feature! Stay close and you’ll find out when the update is live.

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