How to Set and Customize an Author Page Template

You’ve written numerous articles and posts over the years. Maybe different writers are helping along with content creation, too. Have you set up an Author Page? Let the readers discover more about you using a witty description. Add social links that let the viewers follow you through countless endeavors.

Easily design an Author Page for all your writers. Our talented team has built various customizable templates that can be browsed through so you can choose the right one.

How to get and assign an Author Page template

The Newspaper 9 Theme, and the Cloud Library plugin, make it easy to add an Author Page. Just click on the Cloud Library and navigate to the Author Page tab. Press the Live Preview button to see how each one looks on a page.

Import the one you like the most.

You can also create an Author Page by clicking on a Blank Template. Through the tagDiv Composer page builder, drag and drop elements such as:

  • The Author Name
  • An Author Image
  • Author Description
  • Author Socials
  • The Author URL

Arrange them on the page the way you want. Add margins or padding to adjust the layout. Give the Blank Template a name to easily identify it.

Newspaper Theme: Author Page Templates in the Theme Panel

Easily assign an Author Page template to your user

With Newspaper Theme, you have the opportunity to give each of the writers a different page look. All you need to do is assign the newly designed layout to the desired user. Navigate to the Newspaper Theme Panel then to Template Settings. Expand the Author Template section. From here you can apply the same page design to all of the writers (General Author drop-down menu) or assign a different one for each user from the Individual Author Templates.

To see how it all looks, in the WordPress Dashboard, go to Users. Then, hover over the writer you applied the template to, then click View. This is the exact page displayed to the visitors when they click on the content creator in your articles and posts.

Why use an Author Page Template?

Author Templates give you endless design possibilities. It can perfectly integrate with the rest of your website or stand out from the rest.

A beautiful Author Page can influence your overall visitor engagement. Each user should have a picture of themselves as an icon. This way the audience can associate a face with the person that created the content.

Author Page Template For Sabrina Hepburn

To make it even more personal, write a biography to give the readers information about your interests and daily life. Give them a glimpse of the motivation that empowers your writing, so they have an excellent reason to relate with your content. Most importantly, keep the tone of the biography as formal or as casual as you want.

A beautiful Author Page is a great start to building a community as the audience can follow you on all the social networks and directly engage with you.

Engage, share and keep writing

Minimalistic, bright, colorful or somber? The Author Page is a reflection of your writer’s persona. Treat it as a way of interacting with the readers. From social networks links to the image you display for them, engagement is the ultimate goal. Moreover, with the Newspaper theme, you now have unlimited designs at your fingertips for the new Author Page.

Show us your original designs for your Author Page in the comment box below! 😎

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  2. i want to show post author image in home page but when i use this code in td-module-10 >> then show only one image not showing individual post author image can solve this


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