Newspaper 8.7 version – Faster, Versatile and Powerful

Everyone enjoys that moment when you get a present and start unpacking while you can’t wait to see what’s inside. You too, right? Who doesn’t?! Well, with this in mind we have a gift to celebrate our partnership by giving you more flexibility to empower your creativity. So today, on February 14, we would love to introduce to you the newest version of the most appreciated news WordPress theme out there, the powerful and versatile Newspaper 8.7!

Eight Fresh Beautiful Demos

With the new version of the Newspaper theme, your pages will be more attractive and easy to customize, from the tiniest details. We know how much you appreciate to have a solid ground to build posts and pages. To bring a unique perspective to your user’s experience and boost your site’s visual appearance, we’ve added 8 beautiful pre-made demos that are ready to give you a plus of design flexibility:

Newspaper 8.7 - Demos

More Responsive than Responsive

In the previous versions, Newspaper has introduced the drag and drop functionality through the tagDiv Composer and tagDiv Multi-purpose plugins. Now, they’ve just gone beyond and added new functionality and options that will make our life easier and save you time. We have remodeled the versatile fonts system from scratch to give you more than just an improvement. That’s why we bring you two new plugins built especially for Newspaper Theme.

Google AMP ready

Are you getting slow scores on loading mobile pages? Maybe it’s due to your host, cache or image sizes. Oh no, Stop right there! Say goodbye to heavy CSS, Java, and HTML codes that overload your website on mobile devices. With the new tailor-made tagDiv AMP plugin your website will be highly optimized for all the screen devices, so the performance you’ll get is incomparable! We’ve got you covered!

Newspaper 8.7-tagDiv AMP plugin

Starting with Newspaper 8.7, you can add a newsletter subscription field on your website and personalize it using an elegant style. This feature is called the tagDiv Newsletter plugin, and you can build marketing campaigns and increase your goals conversion rates.

Check out the Newspaper 8.7 – What’s New to discover the most important New Features.

As always, our updates are free for our customers to enjoy. Already updated your theme to the latest version? Tell us what you think, your feedback is valuable to us!

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Alina G.
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