Newspaper Theme Case Study: 28 amazing websites, a single theme

Is Newspaper Theme the right theme for web developers with large clients portfolio? We’ll find the answer by interviewing Amit Malewar, a professional web designer who built hundreds of sites over the last 12 years. He is a WordPress website developer who created over 28 websites using Newspaper theme. We are thrilled to share with you a professional’ thoughts about our product, and how he uses it on various websites, in this comprehensive Newspaper Theme Case Study.

Amit Malewar, Indian Web Developer, owner Tech Explorist & InfophilicAmit Malewar (27) developed, designed, and curated many websites of his hundreds of happy clients using Newspaper Theme. Also, he is the founder of TechExplorist (one of the top 3 science news portals and the only science news site in India), Inceptive Mind, and Infophilic websites.

The challenge

He started in 2010, and by 2015 Amit was already creating websites for his clients. His dream was to be amongst the top developers, to find the best solutions for his customers and to explore new possibilities. So, the idea of the Tech Explorist website started to take shape into a plan. The developer had all the technical skills, but no time to write the code for it. So, he begins to search for “the best” theme for WordPress.

“I’ve found Newspaper Theme in top list on Themeforest. First, I checked the launch date of the theme and the last update date. The premium product I was searching for had to be SEO Friendly, and I was interested in having the lazy load feature. At that time, Newspaper was the only theme with this set of features.

Newspaper Case Study: Article in the Tech Explorist website

The design, flexibility, and general appearance were as important as the Tech Explorist website I was working on are all about technology and innovation news, highlighting the scientific discoveries, inventions, health and groundbreaking researches that shape human living.

I was also searching for a theme that had Custom Ad spaces with easy to customize panel. And of course, fast page load speed. The Newspaper theme undoubtedly met all my expectations, that’s why I am currently using it on all of my websites”, recalls Amit about the first encounter with the tagDiv’ theme.

Getting started

“It took me one or two hours to read the documents and complete the installation process. By the way, you guys got the best documentation. I had posted some questions on the forum when I was playing/trying new things with the theme. The support is awesome, and they quickly helped me understand how some things were working. The best part of the support forum is transparency”, says the developer.

Solution on action

The Indian developer created 28 websites, including three of his own using the Newspaper theme. His is relying on the mobile theme plugin as it “really makes the site faster for mobile users.” When you’re web designing for a living, it’s the little things that make the difference between an enormous project you love to create and some other project. The inbuilt sharing buttons work way better than any other premium plugins available in the market.

This theme has a way to stick into the people’s mind

What I enjoy most about the Newspaper theme is the design, the feeling it gives you. I work it for almost four years, and I still believe Newspaper brings you a more professional design and feel out-of-the-box as compared to many other popular premium themes. Six of my clients contacted me because they just wanted a design similar to ?. On my websites, people are asking me things related to Newspaper; some want to know what plugins I am using. And so on. This theme has a way to stick into the people’s mind,” says Amit Malewar.

Newspaper Theme Customer Review: Infophilic Simplifying Blogging website

For the Newspaper Theme case study, we asked the web developer to share with us his favorite tools. “tagDiv Composer and the Cloud Library. These plugins make Newspaper Theme more flexible and give me endless design possibilities. The new builder made customization super easy. I can customize any element/module or header in minutes and create a brand new website in a day or two after completing a discussion and planning with the client”, explains Amit.

The results: Significantly increasing in revenue

Speeding up the development time while making the customers delighted by your work is something that many designers dream of achieving. Is it possible with the Newspaper theme? Amit explains it for us “As a developer, undoubtedly it helped me increased revenue. I can finish a project faster and create another website as the cycle of design is much shorter.

This theme is the best in terms of customizability and for SEO. It increases the number of page views and visitors on the site because the mobile version is fast. On my website, before using Newspaper, I had 1 – 2k page views in a day. Now, we have almost 50 – 80k page views/day and some of my clients have 150 – 200K page views per day using Newspaper Theme”.

Newspaper Theme Case Study: Mobile traffic Analytics of the Tech Explorist

Wrapping up

In this Newspaper Theme case study, we’ve brought you the story of the Indian developer Amit Malewar, also Tech Explorist website owner, that registered an incredible traffic growth while using Newspaper on brand new websites. Also, in this customer story, the web designer shared with us how using the Newspaper Theme helped him become a more productive and efficient developer. All these while finding a way to also follow his dream.

What dream do you have? What’s the next step you want to take? Comment below and share it with our community. 

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Alina S.
Alina S.
I am a WordPress enthusiast, digital and content marketer, copywriter, and sometimes storyteller. Originally trained as a journalist, I have a curious mind. I enjoy testing new technologies, discovering new ways to make things easier, and, especially, telling everybody stories about my discoveries. At tagDiv, my work focuses on designing great experiences for our visitors and customers.

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  1. You are amazing Mr Amit, you are made my website also. Have a great commen sence regarding web designing I have personally observed it. Also good skill of things to do. It’s a brilliant job ???.

  2. Amit Malewar is a great coach and mentor. His guidance helped us improve every facet of our business. A newspaper theme was one of his suggestions.

  3. Would you say a newspaper theme is good for a website that gives information, and reviews to a professional audience?

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. With the Newspaper theme you can build whatever website you want. The theme’s flexible features, the frontend editing, as well as the pre-made layouts allow you create a professional website in no time. If you have more pre-sale questions, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer all of them. If you need help implementing the theme on your website, you could submit a request to our development team. Thank you! Have a lovely day 🙂


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